5 Tips for Safely Riding Your Motorcycle This Winter

For some people riding their motorcycle can serve as an escape. To be able to just hop on and go can provide the utmost freedom and relaxation. And while this may seem easier to do in warmer weather, drivers can ride their motorcycles year-round, regardless of temperature, so long as they have the right gear.

All-weather gear can enable motorcyclists to stay warm during cold and inclement weather. Such gear consists of boots, pants, gloves, a jacket, and most importantly, a full-face DOT-approved helmet. Not only will this heavy-duty gear help to prevent road rash and severe injury, but it will also serve to keep you downright warm. I fact, you may even consider heated gear.

One of the major challenges that come with winter riding is ice. Ice serves as a major threat to all drivers – not just motorcyclists, though especially them. The danger of motorcycles and ice though is that these vehicles do not have a protective outer shell as do cars and trucks. Without this added “layer” of protection, one false move can result in an extremely dangerous crash. Luckily, there are certain things that you can do to protect yourself while riding your motorcycle during the inclement winter months.

1. Check Tire Pressure

During the wintertime, one of the most important things to ensure that you have is good tire traction. As with a car or other vehicle, if you have poor traction and pass over ice or snow, the likelihood of you losing control of your vehicle is pretty high. Once you lose control (and you do not have an outer shell to protect you), it can lead to serious injury. It’s important to keep in mind that tires that are inflated properly have better traction than those, which instead have low tire pressure.

2. Watch the Roadway

Riding on well-maintained roads is one of the safer things that you can do. This is because it is so important that you remain aware of not only snow and ice but also of any large potholes or cracks in the surface of the road, as well as fallen branches or tree limbs. By remaining very attentive to the road, you can prevent yourself from unnecessary dangers.

3. Slow Down

Though it may seem a bit like common sense, it is important to remember that like any other motor vehicle, slowing down can help you to maintain control of your vehicle. This is because you will have more time to respond to any dangerous situations that may arise.

4. Figure Out Your Local Tow-and-Repair Service

It is important to know who your local tow-and-repair service provider is. Should you find yourself stuck somewhere or involved in an accident, knowing the name and number of who you can call will be extremely helpful. You may want to keep that information in your phone or on a piece of paper in the glove compartment for easy access.

5. Don’t Ride in the Snow

One of the biggest precautions that you can take to keep yourself safe is simply not to ride in bad weather. If it were snowing it would be in your best interest not to go anywhere. However, if you absolutely have to get somewhere you should drive a car, a truck, or take public transportation instead. By avoiding the risk altogether, it ensures that you stay safe.

Have You Been Injured?

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