What to Do When Involved in an Accident in a Rental Car

You can never be sure of when you will be involved in a car accident. It can happen in your own neighborhood, across town, or it can even happen thousands of miles away. While many with a rental car may be concerned about its features or its storage capacity, no one expects to be involved in a crash. Though the claims process is just about the same as a crash in your own vehicle, it is the rental agreement that determines which insurance is involved.

Fault Related to Rental Car Accidents in VA

If you are at fault for damages caused while in a rental car accident, the financial responsibility is dependent upon whether the individual renting the car also purchased additional auto insurance coverage, which the rental company offers. The type of additional coverage if purchased from the rental company determines exactly how much damage the policy will cover. If they have not done so, their own auto insurance may serve to provide coverage.

The issue of fault itself may be influential in determining the exact reimbursement in some cases. The policy may be dependent upon whether it included first-party coverage. Sometimes additional coverages may only serve to cover the damage of the rental car but not of any other vehicles involved. In such cases sometimes an individual’s own auto insurance will cover the difference in damages.

Personal Injury Often Not Covered

Generally speaking, the additional insurance that can be purchased from a rental car company does not cover injuries to people themselves – only damage to the vehicle. Personal effects coverage only covers just that – personal effects. This means that it covers things such as luggage or other personal belongings that are damaged in the accident.

If you or a passenger is injured in a crash, medical expenses are generally covered under a personal auto policy, either of the rental car driver or the other at-fault driver.

Insurance Companies Often Deny Claims

No matter who is responsible for the accident, or what additional insurance has been purchased, insurance companies are primarily concerned with their out financial health. That is why they often deny claims or reduce the amount of money to pay out.

Alavi Law Group, PLLC Can Help You!

If you or a loved one has been injured in a rental car accident, it can prove not only physically, emotionally, and financially damaging, but it can be downright overwhelming. That is why it is important to retain a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney who understands the law inside and out and who will work to help you receive the compensation that you deserve. At Alavi Law Group, PLLC, we will fight to get you what you deserve. To learn more or to schedule a free consultation, visit us online or call us at 703-397-8699 today!

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