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A last will and testament is a document that provides for the disposition of your property at the time of your death. In essence, this document details how much and to whom you want your various assets to be distributed. A will can also provide for the care of family members as well.

At Alavi Law Group we want to understand your concerns and spend time getting to know you before drafting your will. Our firm understands that every client's needs are different. As such, we will not discount the importance of your concerns, and will not rush you through the process. Our Attorney's will take the time to know your story and develop a trusting relationship. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation about drafting your complex or simple will.

Why a Will is Important

If you do not have a will, the courts will dispose of your property via intestacy laws. This means that the people who inherit your property will be determined by nothing more than their degree of relationship to you. When this happens, the court will not even consider your lifetime wishes for the disposition of your property and hard-earned assets. However, if you successfully draft a will, it will prevent the court from deciding anything related to your assets.

A will provides both your family and the court with clear direction as to how to distribute your estate upon your death. A properly executed will may outline:

  • What property you own
  • Where you want your property to go
  • How you want this accomplished
  • The people in your life you want to protect
  • Who should protect your children

Living Will

No aspect of estate planning is more personal than the decision to create a living will. Unlike a regular will, where you make decisions regarding assets, real property, or other tangible items, in a living will you must make difficult decisions about your medical preferences and your potential incapacity. This can be a trying and introspective process for many.

Before drafting a living will, you will need to answer many thought-provoking questions: Do you want to give up your power of control? To whom should you give this power? For help answering these questions and more contact Alavi Law Group to schedule a free consultation.

After the Terry Schiavo incident, many people became acutely aware about the importance of creating a living will, or a medical directive, as it is otherwise known. The Alavi Law Group assists people throughout Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia, in determining whether a living will should be part of their estate plan.

A Living Will That Clearly Defines Your Wishes

A living will instructs your family and/or your doctor about how you wish to proceed with certain medical decisions in the event that you become incapacitated. It also serves to prevent potential fighting among family members when difficult medical decisions have to be made. You must decide certain things before signing a living will:

  • Do you want a close family member to decide whether to keep you alive?
  • Should a doctor be given the ability to make any life saving decisions?

A living will is an important part of any estate plan and can be as specific or as general as our clients want. Some may feel it necessary to list specific types of procedures they want administered, while others may want to simply provide general do-not-resuscitate instructions. Our attorney's will take the time to determine your wishes and will never question your decision.

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