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On the other hand, it might be a safer option to get in touch with a bankruptcy attorney who can guide you through the complicated procedure of filing for bankruptcy. You will have to provide your bankruptcy attorney with all of your personal information in order to put together and file your voluntary petition. Once the documents are filed at the bankruptcy court, you will be assigned a trustee who will see to it that all the information that is needed is collected from you and that all the information provided is accurate. The next step would be to notify your creditors that you will be filing for bankruptcy so that they will have to stop all actions they might be taking up against you to get your payments.

The later procedures include meeting the various parties who are involved in your bankruptcy case, together with your creditors and if possible your creditors' attorneys.

While all this is going on, also keep in mind that filing for bankruptcy is a long process which will require a lot of patience. For this reason, having an experienced attorney might make sure that everything runs smoothly.

At Alavi Law Group our bankruptcy attorneys are highly qualified in all bankruptcy matters and well versed in the United States Bankruptcy Code. If you are considering bankruptcy, you need a bankruptcy law firm you can trust, one that will competently guide you through the bankruptcy process.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy, sometimes known as a "Wage Earner Plan," is a way for consumers/debtors to undergo a financial reorganization which is supervised by the bankruptcy court. While Chapter 7 offers an immediate relief to secured and unsecured debt, Chapter 13 is more of a rehabilitation program.

Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the consumer will be able to hold on to all of their property if they can repay their creditors over a three to five year period. The bankruptcy attorneys at Alavi Law Group can walk you through Chapter 13 bankruptcy effectively and efficiently.


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